Sally Wakelin

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As a former conservator of oil paintings, with my knowledge of the origins and uses of pigments and media, I developed a strong feeling for colour, understanding relationships between hue, tone and behaviour.
My own paintings, in watercolour or oil paint, are driven by the desire to capture light through colour. Now I am exploring pure colour, to find the clearest, strongest ways to show its true nature and behaviour in watercolour medium.
Only three colours are used, employing juxtaposition, overlay and tone as well as wet and dry paper and re-wetting techniques. Each colour is laid on individually, not mixed.

As a jeweller my work is very much about control, my designs are geometric and ordered, serendipity is a rare and welcome component, usually appearing whilst pushing the limits of the material. This process follows through in the “Dots” series of paintings. I begin from a precise positioned grid of marks, working on wet and/or dry paper, overlaying in several passes following a strict order whilst allowing accidental or material based irregularities to occur. Colours are applied with droppers and with broad washes laid over dried dots, allowing the colours to soften and run at will.

Materials and Processes
Cyan, magenta and cadmium yellow pigments in exactly controlled dilutions.
TH Saunders under-sized watercolour paper used both wet and dry
Droppers and brushes.



All paintings - Watercolour on TH Saunders paper - size 20x20cm